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Surface Engineering prides itself on technology! With over 30 years accumulated experience in the field of wear resistance products and solutions, we can be counted on to bring the latest technology to your projects. From welding procedures to applications solutions, we are committed to providing you with the technical assistance you should expect. What we do best is solving problems and improving production efficiencies with our product manufacturing expertise and service solutions. As technology changes on a daily basis you can count on Surface Engineering to keep you up to speed!

At Surface Engineering Alloy Co., we strive to establish a “Partnership in Business”, attending promptly to your immediate requirements. After all, we are actually employed by our customers, so we make sure our top priority is you! Employ Surface Engineering and experience our commitment for yourself. Surface Engineering may not always be your least expensive supplier, but through our technical expertise, attention to your exacting requirements, prompt service, and partnership philosophies, we DO promise to deliver the lowest “overall” cost at the bottom line!

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