Power Generation

- Surface Engineering Alloy Co. manufactures custom alloy powders specific for Biomass Boilers, CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler), Waste To energy Boilers, and Coal Fired Boilers.
- Hydro Powder - We have coatings specific for extending the life of the Water Turbine.
- Cobalt alloys for Valves manufacturing. (Ball Valves and Valve Seats)

Fossil Fuel Power Stations

fossilpowerPower plant operators have a wear conserns about their equipment. Surface Engineering Alloy Co. has a wide range of products to improve the life of Conveyor Screws, Water Walls, Super Heaters, etc.



Hydro Power


Power plant turbines are exposed to different kinds of erosion, cavitation and mechanical fatigue. For turbine manufacturers, operators and specialised maintenance workshops, Surface Engineering Alloy Co. has created a speical product to cover their wear problems.


Biomass Boilers

biomass2Biomass boilers burn organic waste. These organic fuels cause corrosive and erosive wear on the interior of the boiler tube walls and conveyor systems. Surface Engineering Alloy Co. manufactures High Temperature Nickel and Iron based alloys that greatly extand the life of these parts.