40604 Carboride™ Hardfacing Rod
Surface Engineering’s 40604 Carboride Hardfacing product is designed to resist severe abrasion in combination with excellent corrosion resistance, adhesive wear resistance, erosion resistance, and high temperature resistance up to 1100° Fahrenheit. The deposit contains 60% 10-18 mesh Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt chips in Nickel-Chrome-Silicon-Boron matrix with hardness of Rc 35-40. These self-fluxing matrix alloys contain Boron which provides for high bond strengths between the Wc particles and the matrix eliminating wear caused by the release of the hard Wc particles upon impact or gouging forces. The composite provides for ease of weldability. This Carboride product must be applied by Oxy-Acetylene to prevent porosity during the welding process.


This photograph of our Carboride 40604C weld deposit depicts the concentration of undissolved 10/18 mesh Fused Tungsten Carbide particles within our Rc 40 Nickel-Chrome-Boron Matrix. The deposit was made via Oxy-Acetylene. The deposit provides a relatively rough surface in the as-welded state.

• Stabilizers • Dredging & Mining Equipment • Mixers • Rendering • Rock Bits
• Centrifuges • Pump Parts • Wear Rings • Tool Joints • Paper & Pulp • Recycling • Asphalt Processing • Etc.

Seaco Carboride product compositions are designated by five (5) digit numbers, whereas the first two digits indicate the percentage of matrix, the second two indicate the percentage of Tungsten Carbide, and the last digit indicates the matrix hardness. Hence, Carboride 40606 would be a composition of 40% Rc 60 NiCrSiB and 60% Tungsten Carbide. Compositions may be customized to suit individual application requirements. Contact our Customer or Technical Service Departments for more information.

1/8” - 3/16” - 1/4” - 5/16” - 3/8”