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(Cobalt Free, wear resistant welding consumable)

NOREM 02A is a welding consumable for use in a nuclear power plant systems to be part of the Cobalt reduction program by EPRI to control radiation fields. The alloy can be used for hardfacing in valves with good results.

Manufacturer: Surface Engineering and Alloy Company

Manufactured for Hardfacing process:  GTAW

Chemistry Composition Ranges of NOREM 02A

C: 1.10-1.25, Mn: 4.00-5.00, Si: 3.10-3.50, Cr 23.00-26.00, Ni: 3.70-4.40, Co: < .05, Mo: 1.8-2.2, Fe: Bal, B: < .02, N: < .06

Hardness Ranges:  34 – 44 HRC

Manufacturing Process:  Continuous Casting off welding rods from one furnace of metal alloy

Weldability:  Pre-heat value- Ambient Temperature, Shielding Gas – 100% Argon, Can be deposited on Carbon Steel without a butter layer