The SE-JET 5000 uses an elegantly simple and effective design to produce High pressure - High Velocity Liquid Oxy Fuel Coatings of superior quality.

The Coating benefits include:
- High coating density
- High coating hardness (>72 HRC)
- Coating thickness up to 12mm (depends on powders)
- Smoother as-sprayed finish
- High bond strength (>10,000 PSI)

In addition to the outstanding coating quality the SE-JET 5000 delivers spray rates four times higher than typical HVOF Systems. This dramatic increase in spray rate and productivity places the SE-JET 5000 system in a new category of HVOF equipment.


twin-picThe SE TW 400 combines typical features of arc spray technology such as reliability and robustness with the highest demands for process control and system compatibility of modern arc spray technology. The SE-TW 400 is designed to process all conductive wires relevant to thermal spray, solid wires and cored wires. New technology for the power supply is a combination with highly accurate wire feed and the controlled air cap geometry which allows controlled and uniform energy transfer onto the wire material.





Plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding is a process in which the joining of materials is produced by the heat of a constricted arc between an electrode and a base metal. In PTA welding a shielded arc is struck between a non-consumable electrode (tungsten) and the torch body. This arc then transforms an inert gas (argon) into plasma by heating it to a high temperature. The PTA welding process uses this plasma to transfer an electric arc to a work piece. Metal powder is metered under a positive pressure of argon flow, from the bottom of the torch into a pool of molten metal on the work piece surface.




tac-picSP1100DP resistance welders have many advantages over other welder types. Operators achieve quick energy releases for tacking tungsten carbides. This quick energy release is concentrated into a small area, generating a small heat signature or heat affected zone (HAZ). This small HAZ means that more delicate projects such as welding carbide inserts will maintain the integrity of the carbide chemistry when using SEACO's dual pulse SP1100DP welding technology.